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22 New Year Greetings 2020
22 New Year Greetings 2020

22 New Year Greetings wishes 2020

22 New Year Greetings

Use these New Year greetings to inspire, encourage and send positive messages to family and friends to start their new year on a positive note.

  • This new year’s greeting is sent with love in hopes that God blesses you from above, May the year be filled with health and happiness May your days be ones of bliss.
  • The coming year is filled with opportunity; we hope that you are successful in all you do over the coming year.
  • We look back over last year and find people who have positively impacted our lives, you, my dear, are one of those people.
  • Smiles and happiness are in our thoughts as we think of you. Thank you for all you do. This greeting is sent in love and may your happy new year be great.
  • The inspiration you bring to all who know you. The encouragement you always give. Thank you for all you do. Happy New Year 2020 to YOU!
  • May you have good health, lots of happiness, and a great New Year 2020.
  • You are like a shining light Enthusiasm and you are so bright The coming year holds good things for you
    We can see it in all you do.
  • Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’… Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • People come and go in our lives. But you are always there. May the new year 2020 bring everything you hope and dream of.
22 New Year Greetings 2020 2 - 22 New Year Greetings wishes 2020
22 New Year Greetings 2020
  • This greeting is sent from across the miles And is filled with lots of smiles With hopes, the new year 2020 will bring happiness, prosperity, and everything.
  • Be thankful for the year that has past Be thankful for the coming year to Count your blessings
    You have the opportunity to start afresh
  • A fresh start this new year 2020 will bring. An opportunity to do the things Perhaps you have put off your dreams But now is a time for them to be realized. Happy New Year 2020 to You.
  • The year is new, each day is new, may they be all filled with all that you are working towards.
  • The new year 2020, a time to set new goals. A time to reflect on the things that are important to you and the things you wish to achieve. May this year see all your dreams come true.
  • May the best day of the past year be the worst day of the coming year.
  • In life, the important things are not things. May this year find you surrounded by family and friends who bring you happiness and joy.
  • In life, we have our valleys and our mountain tops, our highs and our lows. This greeting brings hopes for many mountain tops and many highs in the coming new year 2020.
  • Always remember, that when I count my blessings you are counted twice. So my hope for the coming year is that you are blessed many times.
  • May you experience the wonderful new year 2020. May you look forward to each and every day. May your Mondays be as good as your Fridays. And when you look back on this upcoming New Year may your memories be positive and filled with happy thoughts.
  • A New Year 2020 to continue to write our own story. May you be the hero in the story.
  • May all your dreams turn into goals in this coming year. We believe in you and have no fear That success can be yours you see Because your attitude holds the key.


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